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HG Mould Spray_Settle DIY at Ashfield

Removing mould has never been so easy. Tiles, grout, sealer and ceilings can all come under attack from mould but HG’s powerful cleaner knocks the spots off other cleaners, destroying it immediately on contact.

Makes black spot mould disappear.

No scrubbing required.

For bathroom and kitchen.

Treats UPVC, tiles, grouting, silicone sealers, walls and ceilings, garden pots.

UPVC window frames, gouting and silicone around the bath or kitchen sink are prone to persistent black spot mould, which even bleach can’t touch, so the cleaning experts at HG came up with a specially formulated solution that destroys mould immediately on contact. Just spray it on, wait a few minutes and watch it disappear before your eyes!

Damp plastered walls and ceilings in the home can also be treated, and as it’s effective on algae, fungus and moss, garden pots, tubs and ornaments will benefit too.

(Not suitable for use on enamel surfaces.)



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