Zinc Plated Twin DriveZinc Plated Twin Drive

Twin Thread, Pozi Drive, Double-Countersunk Woodscrews – Zinc Plated

Double countersunk for deeper recess and added strength

Through Hardened for ductility

40degree Twin Thread for speed of insertion

Sharp point for fast start

The most popular screw in the UK. For General applications.


Screw TiteScrew – Tite

Eliminates the need to choose between Single or Twin Thread!

Cross Recess – No searching for a driver bit as industry standard with Swift & easy bit location

Cutting edge ribs ream and self-countersink the screw

Part-Threaded to eliminate ‘jacking’ where a full thread screw tends to pull apart the jointed material

Single Coarse thread – drives in without reaming a hole in the material, with high pullout retention

Twin Thread start – penetrates the dense surface and balances screw with 2 points from start of tip

Tri-lock Threadform – less surface contact between screw and material = faster smoother drive



Black JapannedBlack Japanned

Pan Head Slotted Woodscrew

Brass Self ColourBrass Self Colour

Pan Head Slotted Woodscrew

Brass CountersunkBrass Self Colour

Slotted Countersunk Woodscrew







Dry Wall Screw

 Phosphate Dry Wall Screw







Coach ScrewCoach Screw

Zinc Plated